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Introducing URL Shortener

In case if you do not know, we own the domain It is a rare 3 letter domain name that has a meaning behind it – “extension”. We have some great plans for it in the future, but we ain’t going to put such a nice domain name to waste for the time being.

Say hello to the first generation of – URL shortener.

Using a simple script, we are able to use the domain to shrink long links into sweet, short links; and these shortened links consist of 7 randomly generated characters.

While URL Shortener is a very light and simple URL shortener, we have plenty of future plans for it. Not only for its URL shortening function but for other features as well. Its URL shortening feature will be consistently improved and new features will be added over time.

We welcome you to try it out and provide constructive comments. Stay tuned to our blog as we will post updates about our products.


Welcome to Cogifire’s Blog

We will be updating our latest product news on our blog. You can expect some insights, new product releases, as well as new features on our products written on this blog.

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