About us.

Since the inception of the computer, companies have been undergoing automation and computerization. Software has been making companies and businesses operations less tedious. Companies and businesses have been relying and still rely on software to simplify their operations and services, improve performances, reduce costs, and increase their profits.

Computers and software has been making automation and computerization very easy, due to the fact that more powerful computers are been built today to handle powerful tasks, and process data that are difficult for humans to handle.

Since the inception of the internet, web based internet applications has been the biggest thing in the world; creating opportunities for companies, giving companies the means to reach both clients and consumers, and cover wider range of areas. Most companies have been utilizing these technologies and moving their business operations, services, and products online using web technologies and every other possible software technologies. 

With the computer, well built web application, and the internet, companies and businesses now have the power and capability to reach out to the world and make their products and services well know to consumers and clients in need of these products and services. 

Rich and powerful mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld devices are now on the hands of consumers, and this is a great opportunity for companies and businesses to utilize the processing power of those devices and extend their business operations, products and services to these devices by utilizing the power of the web. 


This is where Cogifire comes in.


Cogifire is a company of creative professionals with the most proficient skills. We have worked on numerous projects in both web and software field. 

We work on a wide range of web products that aim to enrich people’s life. Besides, we also offer website development, Internet marketing, and social media marketing services. We specialize in website frontend (Client side) development and management, social media, internet marketing, backend (Server side) development and management, and most network-related aspects.

At Cogifire, we have an experience of more than 10 years in website management and have also provided consultancy and assistance for other companies during these years. We are one of the finest, fastest growing companies that love technology and enjoy putting it to use to solve the challenges many users and businesses face today.

We don’t only provide solutions to businesses and companies; we provide the best of services and solutions. We realize that excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction while doing what we love remains the only way to stay on top and help users and businesses.